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Figured I'd finally cater to my gamer side and apply for a job at my local gamestop. So for anyone who works/ has worked at one.....Besides your typical employee stuff (good resume, etc), anything in particular that could help my case? Like an extensive knowledge of gaming in general?

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I have found that everyone at Gamestop or ebgames is an xbot, it may help if you praise bill gates as god

Ahaha ^^ lol first ask what console they have.. THEN go serious i got that to. and say its the best thing out... then go down under the table xD

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Don't they make like $6 an hour?

elendar said:
Don't they make like $6 an hour?

Probably depends on the region. I can't imagine starting pay is high, but it might be "competitive."

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I don't thinkyou need a "good" resume to get a job with that place since pay is generally minimum wage or at least local market rate for retail. Basically it helps tons if you have good people skills and customer service skills when it comes to dealing with the general idiotic public. :)

Of course having knowledge across all gaming platforms won't hurt either, but don't make stuff up to pretend to be more knowlegable then you really are. If you tell them that Hello Kitty Adventure Island is the bestest game ever and are serious, they may laugh you out of there.

Although, once upon a time I had a little fun with McDonalds when I was younger and had a better job but did this for a laugh. I interviewed with them and made sure that no matter what they wouldn't hire me by telling them pretty messed up things. That I could only work 3 hours in any given day and could not work consecutive days. That I required a salary of $90k a year and that I needed to be able to say farewell to every Big Mac sold as I saw them as a loved child/pet to me. I think the manager got a kick out of it just because of how messed up it was, but it was something fun to do when I was bored.


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Here's the thing with GameStop, the reason why they pay so low is they take it as, you would kill to work there because your a gamer. No matter how bad it is there you'll stay with them because you wanna be around games. I work there.
You would think that they would have enough money to pay their employees a bit more in wages considering that they are the #1 game store with thousands around, and it's a billion dollar industry. I moved up to asst. manager and the wage did increase considerably, but still not as much as you would think it would be.
I worked at GameCrazy for awhile also and they were even more cheap to their employees!

So my advice would be if you really like games and don't need a job that caters to cost of living expenses, do it!


Be prepared to push a lot of pre-orders and possibly "insurance" plans. From what I've seen of gamestop it may have been a nice place to work a few years ago, but it doesn't look as nice now.

You want to work at that glorified pawn shop?