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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dragon Quest X is an MMO because FF XI made $487 million (plus more info about FF XIV's failure)

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Wagram said:
wfz said:
Wagram said:
Final Fantasy XIV is more then likely headed for another failure if they don't get their head out of Blizzards ass.

You mean the quote from Yoshi recently where he said he wishes the original FFXIV was like a FFWoW game?


I still have high hopes that FFXIV2.0 delivers a fantastic experience. But yeah...

I would love to tell you why but I kinda can't or they'll suspend my account :x

 Ah, so his words weren't mere words. I was hoping development was along too far for them to really mess with it and turn it into a WoW game. I forgot that you're playing the Alpha.

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osed125 said:

I think this game will do better on the Wii U. A lot of people probably past the Wii version because of this one, since this have HD (I believe this game supports 1080p) and better online, which is really important since is a MMORPG. The Wii sold units are probably only because of extreme hardcore Dragon Quest fans, and more people probably decided to wait.

It'll be interesting to see how the Wii-U version does, for sure.  

I personally don't think the Japanese seem too fussed about HD or anything like that, but the game would surely benefit tonnes from the Wii-U's gamepad.  Tough one to call really, not sure whether it'll sell more or less.  I think it'll do well and be profitable on Wii-U regardless, though.