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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect's 200 Favorite Games - 2011 Edition

pokoko said:

ICO at 102 and Final Fantasy Tactics at 87 hurt my feelings.  Final Fantasy VI and Suikoden 2 also made me wince.  I would love to have seen Fallout 3 higher, though I was content with the placement of Valkyria Chronicles.  The lack of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec left me speechless.  No Soulcalibur, either, though I guess that's understandable considering that it was a Dreamcast game.

I was under the impression that the registration for the 2012 even was over?

Nope. Sign Ups are over on January 1st I suppose. The "deadline" was only to get people thinking about their top 50's and to have fun discussing one game at a time. But you're always welcome to start late.

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pokoko said:
Nice job with the list. It's ... interesting. I thought Nintendo was only the second biggest faction here? Not all that pleased where some of my favorites ended up, to be honest.

Like I said last year in the comments section for the article, it seems Sony fans aren't as dedicated to making their Top 50 lists than Nintendo fans. It seems to be heading the same way this year if I go by the activity in the discussion thread.

Of course, you're free to join us and chat about your favorite games!

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I expect Final Fantasy XIII to drop like a rock in the rankings this year.

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