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interesting! you learn something new every day! i shall keep this in mind for the future :P

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Try and make sure it's V3.1 as well. Best quality!


There is a slight differnce although most people wont know.

The capacitance of the cable, thickness of the cable and sheilding will vary from manufacture to manufacture. However that would not change the cost of the cable by much +/- 20%

 Basically a cheap HDMI cable will do the same as a expensive HDMI cable most of the time.

 It would start to matter when the cable lengths are increased. 

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I would complain more that I just got an hdmi to dvi cable too hook up my ps3 to my monitor but all I got was a black screen (possibly because of some nonsense called hdcp).

I found theses two articles about HDMI, they do both real world tests and lab tests. Its a good read if you are looking at buying HDMI wires.

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Great read, Griffin. Thanks for the link.

thanks for the read Griffin, though this sucks for me.

Monoprice 35-ft In-Wall CL2 ($35.17)

I just bought the 25ft one, and it crapped out on me.
i was thinking it was just a defective cable, but this seems
to stem deeper.

here's my thread...

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Paid 2$ for my HDMI cable (+6$ for delivery) from Amazon. 'nuff said.

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