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Anecdotal story here: both my brother and a friend of ours got Wii U systems last week, and since then both of them have been experiencing stability issues, such as the system freezing when selecting the option to play NSMBU on the Wii U menu , NintendoLand freezing, and when selecting, for example, system setting on the Wii U menu, it takes over 30 frickin seconds for the system to open the screen, though it´s fast when they return to the Wii U menu.

Whatever the case, I´m waiting a few months to get mine, hopefully they´ll have sorted out any issues by then.Though, this is the first time i see issues like that on a Nintendo system.

I was reading some other sites earlier and it seems others are experiencing the same exact problems, I´d like to know how widespread this is.

Are any of you having any issues with your Wii U?..or is everything perfect so far?

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I havent had any issue with mine, it works perfectly

The system went batshit crazy about a week ago, when we were playing NintendoLand. After that day, it never happened again (and we play NintendoLand a lot in my house). One day, a few days later, the game froze on three different occasions when I was playing Call of Duty online.

The only way to reset the system was to unplug the console every time. I thought the console was defective, the first time! I had to go to the MiiVerse to find out the issues I was having weren't isolated to just my console. Hopefully, we get a patch soon. The little issues we've been having have hurt the experience and such things are almost unheard of with a Nintendo console.

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thats y its always better to wait. remember the rrod?

I've heard that some people are having issues with Miiverse integration. Going to Miiverse and setting the language to english only has solved the problem for some.

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having a blast with mine.  no problems, just really cool and fun

my wii u just started downloading a new 600mb+ update maybe a fix?


My co-worker with a Wii U said it keeps locking up on the menu. I asked if he did the system update and he said he had. Maybe it's something that will get fixed in the next 5gb update.


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I've had it freeze twice now while browsing the web to where turning off the controller still wouldn't turn the console off; I had to pull the plug from the back of the unit.

No problems whatsoever while gaming, though.

Freezing or hard lock is rare but it seems like everyone has gotten it. Apparently there is a patch releasing as I type this (another VGCer is downloading it now) and hopefully it addresses this.

I got my WiiU at midnight on nov 18th. I play it A LOT between everyone in my house. Its froze up on us 5 times. It was truly a rare thing overall, but obviously a bug introduced at launch (as reviewers said it never happened until the launch day update).