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Gnac said:
Cheebee said:

Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.

Jokes and hating aside, the game seriously and honestly has a really -really- unique and fantastical atmosphere, unconventional but addicting gameplay hooks (that actually work great, too), insanely humorous characters and dialogue, interesting environments, and really neat music and sound effects.

For the kind of game it is, it's got great production values, and while playing through it and discovering all nooks and crannies, characters and secrets, you really get a great sense of all the dedication, effort and fun the devs poured into the creation of the game. I honestly couldn't wrap my head around how deep and engaging the whole affair actually turned out to be when I was playing it. I'd highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in adventure games.

Oh, this is a good 'un. I need to get this back from my Bruvver, since I had only played about half an hour of it before he swiped it from me. I liked what I saw during that time, and I have to love a game that made me crease up with laughter (Zelda's "open chest theme" played on a ghetto blaster was a highlight). It feels like a Paper Mario style game where the writers have more freedom to be cheeky.

Hehe, yeah there are a TON of funny Zelda-related nuggets in there. It really is a uniquely charming and just all-round fun game. Like I said, you get a sense the devs truly had a blast creating this game, it just feels so fresh and funny. I like how you compare it to Paper Mario, 'cos now that I think about it, it really is sort of like that.

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Primordia and Chaos on Deponia will join this list soon. And that's just PC, just the last 3 years and just one genre.

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Disney Epic Mickey.

Yes, the camera is a pain in the bum, but it wasn't enough to ruin everything that was awesome about the game, like its accessible choice-and-consequence gameplay, well implemented motion controls, compelling world, classic Disney charm, beautiful visuals and music, and strong story.

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