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... although i don't think nintendo is the one to make it shine.  not for me anyways.  and all because of 2 words:

         inventory management.

dead space introduced to me what i thought was a cool new gameplay mechanic.  it was an on screen menu system.  the key part of this on screen menu is that it allowed the game to keep playing (unpaused) which really increased the level of tension in a horror genre game.  the very same feature is explicitly called out in wii U's upcoming exclusive zombie U. in another thread is was just going on about what i would do to improve ragnarok odyssey(RO) when it dawned on me, there is probably a good reason the game i was describing isn't what RO is or any other game has been on a console.  i wanted something more akin to WoW instead of the water down version that is RO (or monster hunter for those more aquatinted).  every game i started thinking of was either PC exclusive (keyboard bindings) or on a console but a single player game featuring an extensive inventory system driven by a pause menu.

         but in online multiplayer, the game cannot be paused.

so there you have it.  wii U could do the one thing i do want -- deep online multiplayer gaming that isn't an FPS death match.  online multiplayer in the action adventure genre akin to WoW and all thanks to an off screen inventory management system that can side step the one technical limitation of online gameplay.

so the question is... with nintendo far more focuses on local multiplayer than online, who is going to make said game? me a hypocrite all you want but i've just started to hope sony puts a screen on the controller of their ps4. my god i'm a hippogryph.

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Inventory management drives me bonkers sometimes too. The other thing which annoys me is contextual buttons which change in function depending on which part of the game interface you happen to be using at the time. Whilst it makes sense to change the functions it can be done better with a direct interface, effectively the Wii U removes the abstraction of the interface in much the same way that the Wii want removed the abstraction of aiming with a stick, meaning less attention needed to be devoted to it which for newer gamers made the learning curve a lot less steep.


kill the hippogryth

lol.. not even ps3 fans want to acknowledge this ? .. ha~ha!

I believe Nintendo may have got the next big 'thing' in gaming right again and are doing it the right way (controller wise).


Edit: PS3 fans get in here.. lets all sit and talk about this.. who knows the rest of you guys might also get an epiphany.. about the next big thing.