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Forums - Sony Discussion - Game Purchase help! $25 credit from Newegg and not sure what to buy.

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Which option should I take?

RE 5 Gold 4 12.90%
MK 3 9.68%
RDR GOTY 18 58.06%
See Results 6 19.35%

Red Dead Redemption. It definitely has the best singleplayer. It may not have local multiplayer like those other games, but screw kids. And the multiplayer is the best of all three. I've 'wasted' like 100 hours in Liar's Dice in Red Dead Redemption.

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ok looks like RDR is running away with it... any more opinions?! Except Rol and Badgenome, those assholes can keep their opinions. I'd rather impale myself with a dull ungreased dildo.

red dead by a mile. resident evil is horribly boring

RDR is the first and only open world game i've finished.It's one of the best game of the generation imo.

RE stopped existing after RE3 for me. So don't waste your money on that piece of shit.
MC i've heard is good , but i don't like combat game, so in short words GET RDR!!!!


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Red Dead Redemption.