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Forums - Sales Discussion - August 2012 NPD Thread - 360=193k, PS3+Wii=209k, 3DS=176k

RolStoppable said:
This week already? It's usually on the second Thursday of every month.

It's usually the second Thursday after the end of the tracking period which is August 25 in this case.

This also means that September will be 5 weeks.

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It's time already.


I'm totally like tagging this, y'all!

NintendoPie said:
I'm totally like tagging this, y'all!

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Seriously? Kingdom Hearts is the top for the week!

Tagged for later when I do not check hot topics.

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40k for vita? Wow... no way. There was the Madden bundle and last month was 47.5 without a single game.

Anyway, I predict Doom and a neogaf invasion in 24 hours.

Only 10 hours to go!

Is it really 10hours then? Last month weren't you a day ahead or something? ;-p

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I believe the term is 'tagged'. Anyway, my predictions:

360- 195k
3DS- 180k
DS- 100k
Wii- 65k
Vita- 30k

So all about right, bar the DS and the Vita. Probably completely wrong but I don't care


Edit- Not too bad after all!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.