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Forums - Sony Discussion - FFVersusXIII - Nomura draws Noctis: "Please wait for his turn to appear."

I couldn't resist posting this, just because of how absurd it all is. This now counts as major news for me..and many others I'm sure.

To commemorate Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary, Tetsuya Nomura provided this drawing for the Final Fantasy Gallery's official pamphlet.

It's Final Fantasy Versus XIII's main character Noctis! The text Noctis is staring at says "Congratulations on the 25th anniversary. Please wait for his turn to appear."

FF-Reunion's aibo provided this image but was unsure if the drawing is new or not.

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Nice drawing, I like Nomura style, It has been on my wall for the whole day :p

TGS is coming, hopefully we will get some new info there.

Oh yeah I remember about Versus XIII. Good times...






The drawing looks cool :)

So it's 25th Anniversary art from the man who ruined Final Fantasy. Ironic, in a way.

Hates Nomura.

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I kinda want a Versus XIII Manga/Anime now...

...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

"Welcome to Pain, the second of three...You have dealt the deal with me!!"

GooseGaws said:
So it's 25th Anniversary art from the man who ruined Final Fantasy. Ironic, in a way.

So after FFIV the serie was ruined by Nomura lol.

Anyway the best FF ever have Nomura working in Graphic Director role... FFVI. And the most know FF have Nomura too working in Character Designer, Battle Visual Director, Original Story role... FFVII.

Was this 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy or the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being announced?

NoCtis Nox is one of my most favorite users on this site. You treat him with kindness Sal!

I await his return.

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Wait for his turn to appear?

Old school turn based combat system confirmed. FF is saved.