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Forums - Music Discussion - What's your favourite music genre?

Currently it is pop and I like katey perry.

Before it was rap and Master P.

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I love to listen to music and soundtracks from movies and games, I have on idea what to call it. Just orchestrated/epic/deep music x_x

Other than that, I usually just listen to pop/rock/whatever's popular.

I like pretty much everything except Country, metal, and bands that try to purposely be "indie" (it's really just a marketing gimmick for bad music).

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probably rock

These are probably my three favorite bands

Music starts at around 2:05 for the first video

My sig should tell the story, but for the average music listener who probably hasn't heard of any of these bands -

Metal is easily my favorite genre, but I feel it's inadiquete to end it there, as metal is such a diverse and intricate genre, with many subgenres that actually sound quite different. Mainly I prefer Power metal, melodic death metal, symphonic/gothic metal, and the occasional metalcore bands, though I'm pretty picky with the latter subgenre as it tends to get a bit poppy and dangerously close to emo in its sound at times. It's also inaccurate for me to say I simply like "metal," because there are plenty of metal subgenres I dislike and even hate. For instance, I hate black metal as it's more theatrics than actual music to me, and most of the stuff sounds like a jumbled mess, extremely chaotic and the production quality too raw for my tastes.

Here's some of my favorite bands from each of my favorite metal subgenres:

Power metal -

Melodic death:



Ok, as for NON metal stuff, it's few and far inbetween, but I do enjoy the occasional traditional rock and indie band, a select few punk bands like Anti Flag and Rise Against. I won't bother posting videos here because I assume most of you know what I'm talking about :P.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, if I'm looking for more easy listening, something to veg out to, do homework to, etc, I enjoy some trance music, usually the more melodic stuff. Really helps to sooth the mind.. Try it if you're stressed out. Stuff of this nature: