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Do you think that Anonymous' actions will have any effect on Terrorist Organisations?

Yes 10 27.78%
No 12 33.33%
Not sure yet (SHOW ME THE RESULTS.) 14 38.89%

After years of offensive hacking against multiple companies, governments and organisations worldwide, Anonymous has decided to dedicate their efforts to take out Terrorists' infrastructure and finances. Starting today, by hacking the Dahabshiil Bank, a proven financier of Al-Qaeda, Al-Wafa and multiple other terrorist entities. They have published their details online and are threatening "Global Internet Destruction" if the bank does not recognise it's actions in the next two months.

I think it's great they're doing this, though I'm not sure what effect it will have.

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I feel like they are helping us... but not.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Good, they finally have a worthwhile target to direct to their resources at.

It's a noble cause, but if they leak something will authorities actually be able to make use of that?

If the government wanted the bank taken down, then they'd have it taken down. There must be some kinda reason why the government hasn't acting upon it yet. Maybe it's to gain information that leads to other terrorist cells or some kinda fine balance of things in play.

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Looks like "For the lulz" is becoming less and less part of the MO here. Could be as the 4Chan kids grow up, they begin to think of other things.

I wish they would attack all banks till all their records were lost. I wouldn't mind considering my bank account usually sits at .01. Plus, my low hourly wage job isn't enough to help fight off my debt.  A Fight Club ending scene would be nice.

All I'll say is I'm a lot happier to have then hack terrorist organizations or affiliated organizations than my PSN account. They certainly stand a better chance of achieving something useful rather than annoying a bunch of people trying to play some games.

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Well, at least they're doing something useful, I suppose - they're your problem now, terrorists

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What? Sony are the most evil ones here, obviously. Don't get confused, Anonymous.

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