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pezus said:
NintendoPie said:
pezus said:

Like CoD and that is generally accepted as a milked franchise

No, It's not like CoD. No where near like CoD. (Not speaking genre/gameplay wise here.)

Okay, I'll give you this one. CoD only has one every year but Mario has more than one almost every year

Really? Can you please tell me where I can get them? Have I been locked up in a world where I had to wait 18 freaking years to play a new Mario game? Lol.

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Since everyone else is naming the obvious choices to get, I will list some games that are a bit more obscure/not as well known.

First off, definitely check out Wario Land Shake IT!It's one of the best 2d platformers on the system.

Premise: Wario being the greedy anti-hero that he is, sets out on an adventure to free the queen of the shake dimension from the evil shake king! Of course Wario's not doing it out of the good of his heart, Nope! The Shake King has a bottomless coin bag that never runs out of money. So Wario must have IT!

Controls: Like my signature implies, I'm a huge advocate motion controls when done right, and Wario does them right. The game is controlled by holding the wii remote NES style. Basic functions are mapped to the buttons ( i.e running, jumping, pounding )

The motion controls are non gimmicky and actually fit there function quite well. For example when Wario grabs a coin bag, you need to shake the wii remote rapidly to shake the coins out, this actually replicates actually shaking a bag and somehow feels very satisfying.

Graphics: The art style is all hand drawn and it looks absolutely stunning. IMO it's one of the best looking games on the Wii.

Music: The music is incredible. Very varied and catchy. There are a lot of different level themes in this game i.e. ( western, safari, casino, ) and the music fits each perfectly. My favorite track is the Safari it's just so soothing and upbeat.

Level design: One of the most important thing a platformer needs is varied and unique level design. Wario delivers the goods in the aspect. From trains levels to casinos to jungles, forests, and even a few feudal japan style levels. this game has plenty of variety. Each level is also well designed and offers a new gameplay twist/gimmick.

Replayibility: Is pretty high. Every level has a hidden treasures to find and achievements to unlock. Achievements can range from collecting a certain amount of coins in a level, to finding and killing a gold enemy and even speed runs. You unlock music for completing all the challenges in a level.

Overall Wario Land is a very well made game that deserves a bit more credit. If you like platformers definitely check it out :)

I'm an advocate for motion controls, Nintendo, and Kicking freaking Toad to the Moon!

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Wario Land: Shake It is a good game. It's $15 at Gamestop.

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Next up is Punchout Wii!

Let me say this first, if you're a fan of the original Punchout for the NES or the SNES this is a must own game!

Punchout is one of the Wii's most hardcore games. It has the unapolagetic difficulty of the original and demands memorization of the opponents moves and quick reflexes. This is one of my favorite Wii games for many reasons.

First the game has a very colorful cel shaded art style that looks great on the underpowered Wii hardware.

Second the gameplay is extremely arcadesy, Its easy to pick up and play but requires a lot of practice to master.

The animations of the characters are truly amazing! Each enemy boxer has a very distinct look and personality. Some of the boxers have very goofy behavior and will make you laugh while others are arrogant and will literally make you enraged after they keep beating you! ( I'm looking at you Don Flamenco )

The Motion controls are well suited for this game. You simply thrust forward the nunchuk to punch with your left arm and thrust the wii remote to punch with your right arm. The control stick is used to do high punches and the A button lets you unleash a star attack. Of course you can always play this game NES style by just using the Wii remote, but to me it's just so satisfying to motion controls, it feels like I'm actually punching Bald Bull in the Face!

The single player story is pretty short but there is a lot of replayibility due to the challenge mode and 2 player battle. Plus I just love little Mac and Doc Luis!

Plus this game is a Nintendo select so it's only $20 brand new!

I'm an advocate for motion controls, Nintendo, and Kicking freaking Toad to the Moon!

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Zelda Twilight Princess and maybe Skyward Sword(i still haven't played it yet)

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Rainbow Yoshi said:
pezus said:
Rainbow Yoshi said:
I can only post until the thread name correction is made.

Of the error in his name or in the past tense of "to buy"

The fact that he "brought" his Wii somewhere, it could be misleading for some.



yea, why does everybody do that now?


i've been consistently seeing people use "brought" instead of "bought" lately..

enditall727 said:



yea, why does everybody do that now?


i've been consistently seeing people use "brought" instead of "bought" lately..

Playstaion Gamer obviously misspelled it because he was so excited that he finally got to talk to us Nintendo Fans. He was also excited that he found a new and better console to game on.

Xenoblade, The Last Story, both Zelda games, and Mario games.

Brawl eh? Challenge accepted.


congrats on your purchase. Brawl is the ony recommendation i can give.

What have you done


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