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Capcom has slung out another cinematic story trailer for Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS.

This is actually the second story trailer Capcom has released for the game - the previous one is here and it's all a bit mysterious.

This one's lengthier, clocking in at over five minutes and again talks about the oddly-named location, Terragragia.

January 27 can't come soon enough. Enjoy:

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Just when I was starting to warm up to that fat bastard.

I heard there are spoilers in this one, I'm not watching. You should warn readers in the OP.

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Yeah a lot of spoilers in this. I feel like I know half the games story now. Why do I do this to myself? I just couldn't wait a few more weeks till the game comes out. Now I have to pretend to be surprised at the plot twists.

Are you all really caring about the story in an RE game?

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