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Emotiv Systems, the pioneer in brain computer interface technology, today launched the Emotiv Development Kit (EDK) for the electronic games industry. With the EDK, developers will be able to create games that respond to a player’s emotions and allow players to control their characters’ expressions and manipulate objects using only the power of their brain.

Emotiv’s technology represents a scientific breakthrough: it is the only brain computer interface solution that can detect and process both human conscious thoughts and non-conscious emotions, including those represented by brain activity patterns unique to a particular individual. Unlike earlier brain computer interfaces, which only detect a limited number of mental ‘states’ such as concentration (by identifying when the user is focusing on the screen), Emotiv can process dozens of expressions, gestures and emotions. For the first time, computers will be able to differentiate between thoughts of pushing an object or lifting it; detect a user’s smile or win; and respond to emotions such as excitement and calmness.

The EDK is the first product offering from Emotiv, which publicly launched today (see related press release). It enables game developers to attach dozens of specific thoughts and emotions to many different actions in their game. For example, they can enable players to move an object in a game without the use of a keyboard or joystick, make their character smile when they smile, or require that a player stays calm in order to ensure his or her character remains undiscovered in a stealth game. As a result, developers can create a more interactive, immersive, personal experience than is currently possible.

“The games industry is ripe for a revolution in the way players interact with a game. Current interfaces, such as keyboards and controllers, are relatively basic and non-intuitive and are out-of-keeping with the sophistication levels of today’s games and the movement towards more immersive environments,” said Nam Do, CEO and co-founder at Emotiv Systems. “Brain computer interfaces dramatically change the way players interact with a game and, as such, have a profound effect on the gaming experience. Developers are looking to this technology to take their games to another level, to differentiate their products and to retain their fans.”

Emotiv Development Kit (EDK)
The EDK comprises a headset with multiple sensors for detecting brain activity and a series of application development suites:

The Expressiv™ suite can identify facial expressions in real-time, allowing developers to create characters that respond to the expressions of the player, such as smiles and winks.

The Affectiv™ suite measures players’ discreet emotional states, allowing a game to respond to the player’s emotions, such as excitement or calmness.

The Cognitiv™ suite detects players’ conscious thoughts, enabling them to move or manipulate objects just by thinking about an action, such as push, pull, lift or rotate.

How brain computer interface technology works
The brain is made up of approximately 100 billion nerve cells, which are called neurons. These active neurons cause electrical activity, which can be observed using non-invasive electroencephalography (EEG).

Brain computer interface technology works by observing an individual’s electrical brain activity and processing it so that computers can take inputs from the human brain. Human thoughts and emotions can therefore control and influence an application.

About Emotiv Systems
Emotiv Systems is a pioneer in brain computer interface technology. Its focus is on leveraging neuro-technology to create the ultimate interface for the next-generation of man-machine interaction. It does this by evolving the interaction between human beings and electronic devices beyond the limits of conscious interface. Emotiv creates technologies that allow machines to take both conscious and non-conscious inputs directly from your brain. These technologies include a hardware and software platform that can be licensed to commercial software developers and other third parties, as well as a suite of products for consumer applications.

Today, Emotiv is developing solutions specifically for the electronic games industry. In the future, Emotiv’s technology has the potential to be applied to numerous industries, including interactive television, accessibility design, market research, medicine, and security.

Founded by four award-winning scientists and technology entrepreneurs, Emotiv is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and has offices in Sydney, Australia. Investors include Technology Venture Partners, Epicure Capital Partners and the Australian Federal Government.

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This sounds interesting.  What do the hardcore gamers think?

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That sounds very interesting indeed!

If they are serious about getting into the videogame industry, they could provide some amazing opportunities for new game ideas, along with all the other possibilities this technology has.  Add-on peripherals for the latest game systems would rock, if it could be reasonably priced.

A game that changes based on your emotions and thoughts?  Intense!

And I thought the Wii making games based off current weather would rock...

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )

there's a long way to go.  mostly PR spin. 

the Wii is an epidemic.