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Forums - Movies & TV - Evil Dead is getting a remake

The worst part about this is that it looks like they are removing the comedic elements. The original trilogy was great because it self-aware and constantly poking fun at itself.

Boo to this news!

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Carl2291 said:
Remake - NOOOOOO!

i agree!! they should restore the old movie with new special effects and alter some of the scenes, destryoying the original in the process

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I agree with all of you. If the rumors are true (no Ash, no comedy) this movie deserves to fail.

How could anybody think this was a good idea?

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Ronster316 said:
Bruce Campbell should return as Ash, he's only 53 and still looks in decent shape.

Don't know if i could stomach a remake to such an iconic franchise without him.

Agreed! It is not like they are remaking some other crappy 1980's horror movie like "My Bloody Valentine or Black Christmas", they are remaking the Evil Dead!

Just bring Bruce Campbell back! He is more popular than ever since starring in Burn Notice. They could have him working at the super Mart for the last 20 years, and somehow he is brought back in it. If anything at least transition him out to someone new. Maybe when he is dont with this movie make it where the Evil Dead transforms him into someone else or something.

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:( that's what remakes make me feel like.