Forums - Politics Discussion - Only 4 days until Iowa caucuses!! C'mon, Let's GO RON PAUL.

Please Iowa vote him to victory in Iowa. I know the nomination is a longshot but it is still possible. A win in Iowa would help and would force the media to pay more attention to him.

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Is Ron Paul the one that looks the oldest out of all the canidates? The one that was talking about Isreal on Hannity tonight?


Nevermind Yeah not sure if he has a chance to win.

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I truly feel sorry for Ron Paul since the GOP will try it's hardest to never let him become the Republican Representative for president. Though I might not agree with all of his views I truly do respect him for being one of the few politicians to stay true to his views which is hard to find in this day in age. But as I said before sadly I don't think he has a chance to win the nomination, and the only other sane candidate Huntsman has even a lower chance of ever getting it...

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I sure hope he wins, he really is the best option for America.

Ill vote for him- in spirit

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He's not going anywhere. His party ignores him. The media ignores him.
The Internet attention alone isn't going to do him much good.

I hope he wins, he is by far the best candidate. Do the right thing Iowa.

Haven't you heard? Iowa doesn't matter.

If he wins Iowa, he has a good chance of becoming the next president. He has a lot of support in California, and that is a lot of delegates. Additionally, in Virginia only Paul and Romney are going to split up the delegates there. The other remaining candidates by that point get zero. Obama's approval rating is a small minority of the population. I really think Paul can win this.

he's gonna win