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Forums - Sales Discussion - US weekly charts 8th - 15th april discussion

let's leave behind (or on another topic) the month/week debate and let's talk about this week (and last week) numbers, no?


first, good to see paper mario doing so well so early, can't wait to see if it has any staying power considering it's pretty much the only new AA game for wii since launch.

pretty impressed by Tiger woods sales, by Rayman and warioware staying power. even cooking mama sold well for a non-game!

impressed by the number of x360 games coming out weekly (and how quick they disappear)

impressed by how crappy was motorstorm sales. wasn't it supposed to be a system mover?

still, hard to tell right now the worth of these impressions cause i'm really not used to see weekly numbers. more seasoned forum posters will hopefully ride on and tell us all about their impressions!

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Super Paper Mario did well, but I'd like it to do better.  I wonder how much staying power it will have, since it seems like the kind of game you might not be interested in until you played it.

Wii Play is still selling well.  Seems like most people who buy a Wii, buy Wii Play to get a second remote and several minigames.

I thought Guitar Hero 2 would do better on the 360.  But I'm guessing a lot of 360 owners already have a PS2 and GH2.  And the price for downloadable content is way too high.

I'm curious as to what's pushed 360 sales into the 70,000s this week and the week before.  If 360 sales stay this solid, it will be very difficult for the Wii to take the lead in the Americas anytime soon. 

A little Birdie told me sales in Japan for Super Paper Mario week one will be very similar to American sales week one. 

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TheSource said:
A little Birdie told me sales in Japan for Super Paper Mario week one will be very similar to American sales week one. 

 I could see it do even better, I mean look at how strong NSMB has been in Japan


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I think it will do better in Japan first week, simply because of the Japanese way of buying games during the first week while Americans tend to not necessarily do that.

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the only sad thing for the wii is that, clearly, super paper mario did not sell systems since the number of wii sales are the same from the previous week. it's probably because of supply constraint but still. sad, could have moved lots of hardware...

The DS and Wii seem to be stabilizing at 120,000 and 90,000 units a week respectively if you go back and looking at the weekly charts from March. The Wii is of course still supply contrained. I'm dissapointed in not seeing PS2 hardware numbers and PS2 software numbers outside God of War 2.

So much for that Gamestop guy's claim that Nintendo was holding back on the Wii's. ;)

benoit, SPM didn't/doesn't sell units cuz frankly.


THERE was no "boost" in inventory of the wii.


currently in the USA, every will is pretty much guaranteed to be sold within 5 hrs of being put out for sale... 

yeah, that's what i think, but i was hoping deep down that they were holding on wii, ready to release a flood for SPM... can't be christmas everyday....