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Wii or XBox 360 first to reach milestone

Wii will get to 100 million first 43 36.13%
XBox 360 will get to 70 million first 57 47.90%
Both will achieve their s... 6 5.04%
Too close to call. 13 10.92%

Wii to reach 100 million or XBox 360 reach 70 million?

Wii must sell 7.7 million more console system to achieve 100 million sales. Current sales 92.3 million.

X360 must sell 8.5 million more console systems to achieve 70 million sales. Current sales 61.5 million.

Wii needs to sell 0.8 million less sales than X360 but the X360 has the sales momentum and the new Wii is on the horizon in 2012.

It could go either way and I would say it is a 50-50 chance scenario.

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360 has the best chance to reach it's milestone before the Wii. Once January arrives the Wii will drop like a rock and the 360 shouldn't have a problem getting to 70 million before the Wii reaches 100 million.

360 but the wii will eventually reach it.

Mad55 said:
360 but the wii will eventually reach it.

You a glass half full type of guy!


360 is powerful right now, so anything is possible with it.


The wii might have some umph left in it on through when Xenoblade comes out, but then it will struglle to make that paper!


I still want to say that by Jan 1st of this year that both of them can make it to close to 3 more million a piece. But that is probably way high! Except for the 3DS.

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The Wii will fall well behind both the PS3 and 360 early next year in weekly sales, so I`ll say the 360 comfortably.

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Probably X360 reaching 70mil

The Wii will only barely reach 100mill LTD, so definitely 360

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i still cant believe the wii is gonna get near 100 million. had mine since launch, only 3 games still.

i still cant believe the wii is gonna get near 100 million. had mine since launch, only 3 games still.

well they did steal alot of casual gamers from the ps2 era, and now those casual gamers may be uprgrading to 360/ps3 right now

on topic, i think x360 will do it first, wii only now has good sales around christmas

it's the future of handheld


The official Vita thread

the Vita will hit 100million first....


nah i think the 360 will hit 70mil before the Wii hits 100