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Forums - Movies & TV - Harry Potter Still breaking Records "Highest Blu-Ray Debut"

It was a record-breaking week on Blu-ray as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 made its debut on the home market. That film crushed competition selling 2.71 million units / $60.75 million during its debut, which is even more impressive, as it was released on Friday and not Tuesday. By comparison, Avatar sold 2.55 million units and generated $52.80 million during its debut. (It was also a Friday release, so the comparisons are valid.)

Its opening Blu-ray ratio was 49%, which is a little lower than some first run releases have earned. However, I think some of the people who are most likely to buy the films on high definition would either grab the Box Set, or perhaps are waiting for next year's Uber collection.

Even without taking into account the box set numbers, the film is instantly in seventh place on the all time chart and, by this time next week, it should be in second place.

Warner must be happy.

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where can i see the chart for first place etc?

So, It sold ~5.5m in the first two days in the US ?!!

You're Australian legend92(3), is your article about Australia ? No mention of Country, is that Worldwide ?

I think only provide US numbers for DVD and Blue-Ray sales.

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deskpro2k3 said:
where can i see the chart for first place etc? I don't think there is a publicly available all time chart for BD movies.

@Kai master, These are USA only numbers, it is the only place that the website tracks.

Incredible feat! Seems Harry is still waving his wand after the series has finished. :D

I want to know if they will be release extended cuts of the movies. That and I would like to see what the boxset will look like.

Has anybody heard anthing about these?