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Are you going to buy one?

yes 5 29.41%
yes, i'll take 5 please 1 5.88%
nah, i have one at home 7 41.18%
yes, it will go perfectly... 0 0.00%
no, i hate the ps3, regar... 3 17.65%
not yet, i will wait until its cheaper 1 5.88%
osamanobama said:
wow,no comments

A lot of time department stores will have a free 50 dollar gift card if you buy a console. Plus there will be better deals in about two months. I will wait.

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osamanobama said:

ohh... it did go back up... strange.
but i have a pic as proof

did anybody manage to buy it for that price?

I doubt too many people did. It's not that great of a deal. The good deals will be showing up here once the Holidays start going full force.

The deal wasn't short it was there for a couple of days i was gonna make a thread for it but i just thought eh someone else probably will...apparently it was too late. =(