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Are you going to buy one?

yes 5 29.41%
yes, i'll take 5 please 1 5.88%
nah, i have one at home 7 41.18%
yes, it will go perfectly... 0 0.00%
no, i hate the ps3, regar... 3 17.65%
not yet, i will wait until its cheaper 1 5.88%

ps3 recently got a price cut, bringing the cheapest model to $250, making it the cheapest current gen console with a hardrive.

but if thats not cheap enough for you, $225 should be, its basically a steal.

thats right, is currently selling  giving you a ps3 for $225

this makes it one of the cheapest most feature rich, top of the line bluray player (already was, but even more so now). now theres no reason not to get a ps3, and pop in your new copy of StarWars bluray, or enjoy the wonders of Transformers 3 in 3D with 7.1 surround sound.


what are you waiting for, get it.... NOW!!!


400 days in the top 100
by Sony
Platform: PlayStation 3

List Price: $249.99

Price: $225.00

You Save: $24.99 (10%)

152 used & new from $205.98


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dayum, thats an epic deal for people who do want one but where held back by its price. (even though 250$ is an amazing deal too..)

ill get a second one when mine breaks, otherwise when its near the end of its lifecycle, and a 150$ cheap.

I'm a Foreigner, and as such, i am grateful for everyone pointing out any mistakes in my english posted above - only this way i'll be able to improve. thank you!

wow,no comments

i cant find it?

dw price went back up

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awsume i'f i would have waited to yrs i wouldn't have the money to buy the one i got now.

great price.

Wow that was a short price cut cause it's back up to $249.

Paid $300 for my PS3 and don't regret a single penny of it.

ohh... it did go back up... strange.
but i have a pic as proof

did anybody manage to buy it for that price?

Already a good price, 225$ is a great price. Hoping it'll go back down, but I'm getting it at 250 soon anyways. I want the slim, not the fat.