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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Greatest Industry Icon Tournament: Shigeru Miyamoto Vs. Hironobu Sakaguchi

I think everybody knows that Miyamoto is going to win this tournament, but I love Final Fantasy so Sakaguchi gets my vote.


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Miyamoto. The game industry would have looked very different without him.

Miyamoto of course. I like Final Fanatsy but I'm not a huge fan.

Miyamoto is brilliant and is surely the front runner in this competition; and for a good reason.

But Lost Odyssey hit me in ways very very very few games (actually I can't think of any) ever have so in my support for more greatness from Sakaguchi, I vote for him.

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Miyamoto--he is one of few individuals in the games industry that have actively shaped and defined the modern games industry across the last twenty five years, and his contributions to software and hardware design are pretty much unmatched. In a battle of industry icons, Miyamoto beats Sakaguchi hands down.

Miyamoto, because he is the greatest industry icon

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Shigeru Miyamoto

It's a shame to see Sakaguchi fall at this stage of the competition but as much as I love Final Fantasy games there's no denying Shiggy's immense contribution to gaming.

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What blasphemous rounds are these! First your make Yu fight Shiggy and now Saka!? Your just throwing greats who could make it to the end into the sun which Shiggy is in the gaming world..and to respect the fallen of Shiggy I shall vote Saka.

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