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So with all this hate for Final Fantasy XIII (Ya I'm one of those haters, but still liked parts of it), I figured we need a positive thread.  So I was listenning to RPG radio on shoutcast and they were playing the end credits to Final Fantasy Tactics, once the melody of the theme started playing in a lower bass I was like "This is so epic" and all the memories of that game's story came up.  Mind you I like all the tracks in the games.  So what songs stir up emotions for you the most? Feel free to post up youtube clips of tracks.

Note: My personal favourite tracks come from Final Fantasy X (Wandering Flame, and People of the North), second favourite track being Final Fantasy VIII.

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This topic again ...

Xxain said:
This topic again ...

There was a thread about Final Fantasy music?

My favourite VGM's are from Final Fantasy, it really is awesome =)