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I tried InFamous 2 demo yesterday and i felt the game too similar to the original for my taste. But that was just the demo. I'll get the game eventually, I guess.

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Acevil said:
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Boutros said:
Why do you guys say 6 is good?

Here's the summary of the review:

The game's second half descends into a fiasco...One thing's for certain: if there's a great action game in Infamous 2, no one's actually built it yet.

It looks to me like a 6 isn't good.

Because their "6" is apparently considered good. Can anyone confirm?

I will use lets say IGN or lets say Gamespot. They have 10 point system were generally 7.5 is considered the average point. This is generally the norm in gaming. 

While Edge uses 5 as the average point similar to movie reviewers or book reviewers.
So if you were to do it aligned 5=7.5, 6=8.0, 7=8.5, 8=9, 9=9.5, 10=10. 

Given people should always see the content, not the score. 

I wouldn't go along with that. Gamespot: inFamous 2 - 7.5, Brink - 6. Edge 6 for both. I think there's more like a 1pt adustment between Edge and everyone else. So for Edge a 5 = 6 for most other review sites. Edge doesn't do half scores,which really means Edge scores cover a rage for sites that do half scores so an Edge 5 is like a 5.5-6.5 for everyone else. The level of criticism I've seen in Edge reviews for games scoring below 7 pretty much means the game isn't all that good. So no way a 6 correlates to anything like an 8 IMO.

Just curious, what was their inFamous review like? I really like inFamous. I see inFamous 2 is getting a meta of 8.4 at the moment so it's kept up nicely by the look of things


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haxxiy said:
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After reading their review for The Witcher 2, I get the idea that:
1-They don't like the fact that you can't create your character or choose your class. Anyone who buys this game already knows that.

And that's still not a reason we shouldn't complain about it. Nowadays the ability to choose your character on a (W)RPG is just as important as choosing your armor or weapon. I bet they lost some sales due to this.

No it's not. The person who buys this game knows that he/she will play as Geralt and how he is and that's why they shouldn't penalize for that. Yes, other WRPG let you create your character but that's not that important (not even close to choosig your weapons or armor) because The Witcher 2 is not like them.

Most WRPG are based on taking the role of a random guy that gets caught in the middle of something bigger and takes part in those events, usually as the hero. But in The Witcher you follow the story of Geralt who doesn't get caught in the middle of something, He  is that something.

Having said that, why do they criticize the game for that but don't praise it for letting you choose your actions and come with true consequences?

Err... because the consequences are hardly relevant? I'm playing the game, I know how the damn thing works. It barely keeps up with the illusion of a choice like Bioware usually does.

Consequences are irrelevant? Bioware doing choices better? Look, I love Mass Effect, but if your idea of consequences and choices are those you get from them then we have 2 different visions of what those things mean. In Mass Effect you can either be good or bad. That's all. Are you happy with it? I'm not. I'm neither good or bad, just like everybody, yet with Bioware games you only get new things if you are either good or bad. What if I want to be both? You get nothing, you get stuck in a territory where you can't do/get anything the others can. If your happy with this simplicity then good for you, but sometimes I need another kind of experience. Like the one you can get with the Whitcher were your choices doesn't make you good or bad, where the consequences of your actions are not inmediate nor obvious.

Look at it from this perspective, WRPG are like movies while The witcher is a 1 story per episode TV series, something reinforced by the fact that it's based on a series of books.

In a movie/WRPG there is a story where the main character, you, is faced with a threat/disaster and has to stop it. Who are you and how you do it are ot important, the threat is.

In an self-conclusive TV series (like CSI, NCIS, Castle, etc) there are a lot of things happening but only 1 thing connects them, your character. That's the only thing that goes along all episodes turning the show/game less about what happens and more about the character and how it faces this threats.

PD: Seriously my English is quite bad, if we could talk in Spanish (my language, I'm sorry but I don't speak Brazilian) then I could give you a better idea of what I mean, but that's all I can do in English.

Please excuse my bad English.

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6 isn't a bad score from edge, and unless the game has improved in a big way from infamous then it gets what it deserves.

Glad child of eden gets a good score along with dirt.

I'm not really here!

radiantshadow92 said:
edge sucks

Maybe Infamous 2 sucks.....

*Runs to his bunker*

Edit: El Shaddai > Infamous 2 SWEEET!

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kowenicki said:
6 isn't a bad score from edge, and unless the game has improved in a big way from infamous then it gets what it deserves.

Glad child of eden gets a good score along with dirt.

In the word of many posters here, read the review before you look at the score. 6 in this instance came with a pretty negative review so this 6 is actually a bad 6. (and Edge is one of the few mag where I can say this without sounding funny lol)

Unless it improve WAY MORE THAN ITS PREDECESOR is the only way EDGE would give a higher score? then I wonder why same crap like Crackdown 2 and COD gets a different treatment........

OHH btw EDGE needs to eat their HATS now remember they said that IF infamous 2 holds the candle against crackdown 2 we'll eat our hats before even playing infamous 2 back in 2010.


The inFamous 2 score makes me scratch my head considering:

Prototype: 8
Crackdown 2: 8
inFamous: 7

Espescially the Crackdown 2 review. It was essentially the same game as Crackdown 1, yet it gets an 8?

I think it's fair to say that their reviewers aren't in line with most modern gamers.