Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Early Beta Footage of Super Mario Bros. 3 dated Sept. 1988

Because this game is serious business and important, and I like sharing.

Originally found on Nico Nico Douga titled, ファミマガVideo創刊9月号 (Famimaga Video September), I stumbled upon this while searching for media on Mother 3 for my Shat-Canned Legends Documentary.

The video shows the various differences of this early version to the final that my annotations go over. For one, none of the levels are recognizable (except perhaps one particular part), and the HUD is different.

At 0:34, the video shows the infamous "Parabeetles and Grass" screenshot that was used on the back of select SMB3 boxes from the era.

Very interesting stuff, especially upon seeing that these 80s Japanese game videos are from a completely different, and simpler era.

Original URL: Because I don't want to take all glory credit for this, as the video was originally uploaded and found on Nico Nico Douga. I just wanted to spread this video to the western hemisphere. Enjoy.