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How many vita games do you have in your library?

0-10 184 31.56%
11-20 109 18.70%
21-30 69 11.84%
30+ 214 36.71%
SnowPrince said:
ShadowMagist said:

Attention EU fans! Adventures of Mana, the one Vita fans have been clamoring out now!!/en-se/games/adventures-of-mana/cid=EP0082-PCSB00975_00-ADVENTURESOFMANA

Assuming a rest of the world release date soon?

Wait what ? Without any prior notice ?

Also in answer to PixelPerfect, get these two games if you're into RPGs. PS: I've been looking for these two in a new condition for weeks now, it's tough to get my hands on any vita games where i live. So I had them ordered from the US.


Where do you Muricans get your games from ?

Amazon or Ebay for me.

Maybe Gamestop, but I'd rather not buy there if I can help it.


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Get my games from:

1. Always check Amazon first
2. Check Ebay second
3. Gamestop third

I don't like going to Gamestop, but i got Tales of Hearts R for $21 and Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour for $10 from them.

I Love Playstation, but my uncle works at Nintendo.


*looks at Grand Kingdom*

*sneers at awful attempt to emulate Vanillaware's art style*

Should have just remastered Grand Knights History.

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PixelPerfect said:
Alright, thanks for the information guys! Guess I'll probably end up investing in a memory card too then, since it seems easier, and I'll make sure to keep the charging problem in mind. Thanks again. Feeling a bit more confident in what I'm planning to get :D

Welcome to the cult may kat bless you with tons of joy.


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

Sign up if you want to see God Eater 2 get localized!!

Adventures of Mana is super awesome. We did it you guys! This and Romancing Saga I consider mega-success stories, can't believe Square Enix have almost changed their mind completely on Vita.

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Really interesting interview with Limited Run Games.  I'm expecting big things from them in the coming months:


You are currently releasing Rabi-Ribi and Fault-Milestone, how were these games chosen?

Josh – They chose them. They were games that they were looking to bring to PS4 and Vita. They actually hired our studio, Mighty Rabbit, to work on the Fault-Milestone PlayStation ports.


Do you see this partnership continuing?

Josh – Yes, it’s our hope that we can get to some of the bigger titles like Clannad and Grisaia on physical media.


Do you have a set number of releases that Limited Run Games is aiming for?

Josh – The ideal amount of game releases a month is two. The max, I think we’ll ever do is four. We don’t want to oversaturate our own market. There might be a month that has more than four, but that’s not something we plan on doing often.


There’s been some talk that that you guys are looking to work with Koei Tecmo?

Douglas – I can say, “Yes, we’ve talked.” It’s just a matter of figuring out the logistics of it. Can’t go into further detail, but they’re interested in the idea.

Josh – Our goal is to start with the Arland trilogy for Vita.

Smoe nice news, Limited Run doing some good work and adventures of mana came out of nowhere.

I haven't played God Eater Resurection yet so I'm excited to play it, but ZTD comes first. 100$ added to wallet and waiting for the store to update.

This has been quite a month for Vita.. Grand Kingdom, Atelier Sophie, Odin Sphere, Zero Time Dilemma

Azuren said:
*looks at Grand Kingdom*

*sneers at awful attempt to emulate Vanillaware's art style*

Should have just remastered Grand Knights History.

It has the same director and a lot of the same team. Just with new artists. A more of a spiritual successor.

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I can't believe I forgot that God Eater Resurrection was going to be sold for 20$. I guess I can buy Odin's Sphere too for support.