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What Kinect Game are you most looking forward to?

Kinect Sports 2 3 6.00%
Dance Central 2 5 10.00%
Ryse 18 36.00%
Star Wars Kinect 5 10.00%
Child of Eden 5 10.00%
Fable: The Journey 1 2.00%
Minecraft Kinect 5 10.00%
Project Draco 3 6.00%
Steel Battalion 1 2.00%
Other 4 8.00%

Will probably pick one up during the holidays with Kinect sports 2 and Star Wars/Fable if they are available.

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Ryse than following in a close 2nd & 3rd ....Project Draco & Fable:The Journey (ATM).

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Dance Central 2 for sure but I'm curious about Ryse.

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Still most looking forward to Child Of Eden and The Gunstringer. But I'm very interested in Kinect Sports Season 2, Dance Central 2, Ryse and Leedmees. Raving Rabbids: Alive&Kicking looks like a lot of fun, too.