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If this is true, this must mean that this is the ultimate console.


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Disregard Zelda, Aquire Triforce.

Great idea, Nintendo. And when the successor comes out, you can call it the SUPER Nintendo.

mysticwolf said:
But many people call the NES the Nintendo...
I think that all these rumors are false, and we have absolutely no clue what it will be called, and come Tuesday they will announce the name and our minds will be blown because we never expected it, and it will be an awesome name.

When Nintendo only had one offering to play games on, they could get away with calling it "Nintendo".  But now with the Wii and DS platforms available, that just doesn't work.  It needs to have another name to differentiate itself.

I like it. I hear plenty of people saying I have a Nintendo (since the NES gen) not even bothering to say which console.

They are the only "pure" gaming company of the lot right now and it just makes sense. Could you image a console called "Microsoft" or "Sony" hell no.

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Justin said:
Great idea, Nintendo. And when the successor comes out, you can call it the SUPER Nintendo.

This is absolutely brilliant.

If they are going with that route might aswell call it nintendo entrainment system 2

Also I'm loling at the name not because its bad but its funny that they will actually do this did they run out of names?

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Nah. Not buying it. I call fake.

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