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Are you excited about E3?

I can't contain myself, ... 31 43.66%
Excited and looking forward to it 27 38.03%
Some what excited 8 11.27%
I don't care at all 2 2.82%
I like candy! 3 4.23%

I get excited every year

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hell I am, cant wait for it!! 2am for me, but whatever! Im staying up!

I mega excited! Can't wait! :D

Really, really looking foward to this.

I'm excited to see if Cafe is going to be what I hope it will be or another gimmicky disappointment doomed to shovelware.  I'm also just excited for the whole thing to be over so I can stop reading bootless speculation on every forum all day.

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I have to be honest.  I am excited for E3.

Please forgive my outburst of excitement.


Looking forward to what Nintendo have in store for Wii/Cafe/3DS, and also Sony for NGP (but it's SO EARLY). Partly MS. I expect something big from them

Give me Zelda, TLS, DQ and something new and I'll be great


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Yep. I get super excited every single year.

Can't wait!! Come on people the reveal of a new nintendo console and sony's new handheld, count me in!!!


Short answer: Yes.  I'm always excited for E3.

Long Answer: This looks like one of the biggest E3 years ever.  A whole new console from Nintendo, the best years of the PS3 and PSP support and a number of high quality titles stil coming.  Sadly, I expect nothing but Netflix and Casual pandering from both Sony and MS, so I'm at least expecting less from them.  But this year may be the most important year from third parties yet, for both the PS3 and Nintendo's new system.  My eyes are on companies like Activision, Capcom and Square Enix for some surprise announcements.

Six upcoming games you should look into: