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I've been looking forward to this for a very long time.

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I'm downloading the demo day 1, one of my most hyped games

Mega-awesome! ( In my best Captain-N Megaman voice)


The eShop update needs to drop so I can throw my money at this

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First game that really makes me want a 3DS

Until you've played it, every game is a system seller!

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I don't care if I'm paying for a Demo it's worth it!

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This game looks bad, the Camera angles ruins the gameplay....just IMO

Blacksaber said:


This X 100

I'm a huge Megaman Legends fan and this game will be the reason I pick a 3DS down the road.

I'm having a nostalgia orgasm at the moment.

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MrT-Tar said:

I'm downloading the demo day 1, one of my most hyped games

Buying the beta you mean?