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Forums - Website Topics - Sexual assaults on Vgchartz

I am closely monitoring things on the site to report anything offensive to forum members, I passed by soriku's profile and noticed someone named



he posted that he was leo-j's boyfriend. I find it to be very offensive to leo-j, and he is the same man that created the "leo-gay" profile. How do I know? He posted the same comment onleo-j's comment section


"Why you so gangzta"

Yesterday leo-j attacked a forum member, I believe the member he attacked is also the same person, he keeps saying " gangzta fanboy".

As a result not only do I have enough PROOF to say that these three are the same,


and are attacking leo-j, but leo-j should not have gotten banned for defending himself.


Mods need to take action on this.


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this really shouldn't be a thread so much as it should be a private message to the mods.

Yeah. Cause... nobody could look up and see he's used that term before...(hey kinda like you...) Then create a fake account and insult a bunch of people and make those comments...

Then wait for someone to play junior detective and notice.(and if no one did maybe make a post about it?)

Not the stone cold evidence you think it is there Sherlock. I'm pretty sure Ioi can just track IPs anyway, so it'd just be a matter for him to look at what IP and ISP made a post and see if it matches any other user ID. If this was even considered worth his time.

Dude how do you know all this stuff?

Anyhow there is someone sexually malesting me. I PM'd ioi about it.