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I have the first book and a friend also gave me a Nintendo encyclopedia.

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Yeah, this thread is certainly not for me. Please recommend any books, fiction or non, if you've read them and loved them!

@Rainbow yoshi:

Nintendo Encylopedia? Iwant!


Tizona said:
mike_intellivision said:

For a year-by-year, blow-by-blow account, try Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Video Games from Rolenta Press.


Mike from Morgantown

I noticed on the rolentapress site, that Gameinformer called this the number 2 gaming book ever.
I'm not sure how I feel about a recomendation from Gameinformer, but since you've read, I'll give it a go! Thanks.

Do not hold the GI recommendation against Lenny's book.

I met him a few times almost a decade ago when I was really into the classic scene. He is a nice, regular guy who got interested in video games at the right time and got access to places many people would only dream of going.  

Mike from Morgantown


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