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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 1080p is SO last-gen

"25-50meter screens is where it's at, using 2 8,000watt bulbs. (it dont exist but that would be cool) "

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Go to the movie theaters. That link I provide, is what the biggest digital screens use. (it looks better than film screens for some reason)

That is why I like 1080p so much. If the new digital theaters are running at that resolution. I doubt 1080p will be passed in the next 5-10 years. 

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davygee said:
Yes, we're still on 480 and generally won't be much higher than that for years...especially with TV broadcasting seeing as Digital does not mean HD as most of the general public seem to think.

 Well where I live they market Digital and HD Digital as seperate things. I thought thats how they do it in most places.

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