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I have been playing Killzone 3 with MOVE on default settings and at times it does feels like a rail shooter. However, these are the default settings. KZ3 has some pretty robust settings for the MOVE controller.

What settings do other people use?

Does any one have settings that make it feel like mouse type looking?

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I find reducing the dead zone is the best. I kept reducing it until i found 0 was the best option.

So in the end, I had deadzone vert and horizontal set to zero, crosshair sensitivity set to zero, and and turn speed at 80%. Take note though that aiming with the jetpack is waaaay sensitive. May want to turn down turn speed a bit when you hit that part. Or just get used to it (which I did eventually).


Take note I finished the entire game on Normal with these settings.

I use 50/50/40/50 for the percentage settings, and I take off any sort of lock, such as the crosshair and camera lock, they're just terrible in my opinion.

I play both singleplayer and multiplayer like this, and I love it, Move seems to give me an edge over using DS3, infact, I tried with DS3 afterwards and got my arse handed to me in multi, whereas aiming and sniping inparticular are so much better with the Move controller.

... Even though those don't apply to me too much since I've been levelling up the Infiltrator class, it's amazing, lol.

Loving the game, and Move is making it so much better!

i have my settings like this

10 h-deazone

10 v-deadzone

20 cursor sensitivity

50 turn speed

I guess Im different lol recommend

0 h-deazone

0 v-deadzone

0 cursor sensitivity

60 turn speed


I followed this and it is beautiful. I never want to play fps without the move. Well Done Gurrella :D

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with sharpshooter setting...

0 h-deazone

0 v-deadzone

0 cursor sensitivity

50 turn speed


w/o sharpshooter setting...

50 h-deazone

0 v-deadzone

0 cursor sensitivity

30 turn speed


I only tried the demo a bit, but I will say that I ended up using something like this, as a contrast to what seams to work for other people:

80% horizontal dead zone

90% vertical dead zone

I don't know the cursor sentitivity nor the turn speed, but I treid to do it with 0, 0 on dead zones and coudn't accomodate quickly. I wanted to match the mouse feeling but didn't work out for me. But again, that was the demo and I didn't try for too long.

there's a really good forum on IGN that has tons of settings from lots of people.  You should check it out.  There's no right way, but that should help you out. 


Good Thread, been wondering about this too.

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