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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Nintendo Ressurect The Third Pillar?

Now this is something that only came to my head after seeing the NGP (PSP2). Granted we don't know how the world on a whole is going to react to either device. (I can see the NGP cannabalizing ps3 sales. (especcially if sony manage to add an external HDMI port on the device - they are on lesser powered phones these days)).

However, do you think it is time nintendo ressurect the Game Boy brand. I mean the NGP and 3DS are seemingly trying to compete with two opposite markets. 3DS seems to be geared towards the typical Nintendo Gamer, whereas the NGP is trying to take a stab at the Ipod touch/ Hardcore nex gen gamer at the same time.

For all these years we saw Nintendo talk of the DS as "the third Pillar." it became successful to the point that we know longer know the gameboy brand as the "second pillar" but now as an afterthought?

Granted there are very few brands that have been successfully reintegrated into modern thought and subsequently garnered near universal praise. Batman is the only one that comes to mind in recent years (Batman Arkham Asylum / Batman Begins / Batman: the Dark Knight).

Do you think it is time Nintendo ressurect the brand as a true Multimedia/NGP competing device?

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Definetly not, releasing a GameboyHD at this point is = suicide.

1st-Nintendo would only be eating its own 3DS marketshares and at the end they would have 2 weaker products instead of a single storng one, doubling marketing and distribution costs.

2nd-Since the Sony brand is much stornger in the HD gaming community, probably Gameboy HD would only recive NGP weaker ports from 3rd parties, no exclusives. While 3DS will only get extremely casual games, since the "hardcore" demand is on GameboyHD, so in this case what's the point of having better graphics (compared to ol DS) and a 3D screen?

3rd-Nintendo has yet to prove they're able to sustain 2 different consoles at the same time and for their entire lifetime whitout droughts, how can they possibly support 3 consoles?

If ever the thing I can expect is a 3DSi version in a couple of years, with bigger screens (not much bigger) and maybe 3G support.

Well if it's just a Gameboy with ultra-HD visuals, then no. Improved graphics is not enough to make people go out and fork over another 200 dollars.

However, if they could make a device that matched the price, durability, game library, and battery life of the original Gameboy, I think that would be insanely successful. They could even add 3G support and call it the Gameboy phone.

I think that calling the Gameboy brand a second pillar was just Nintendo's way of covering their asses if the DS brand didn't work.  Since the DS was such a huge success, I guess the Gameboy name is dead.

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d21lewis said:

I think that calling the Gameboy brand a second pillar was just Nintendo's way of covering their asses if the DS brand didn't work.  Since the DS was such a huge success, I guess the Gameboy name is dead.

This. The whole 3rd pillar thing was bullshit. You don't have two simultaneous handhelds. It makes no sense.

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No they won't bring back the GameBoy brand. Its wishful thinking but with NGP out now Nintendo would have to sink incredible amounts of money into R&D to develop a new GameBoy. Also that GameBoy would cannabilize the 3DS taking away market share. Nintendo would then have to worry about selling both platforms simultaniously.

Why did Nintendo call the GameBoy line a third pillar? Their are a few

#1. To keep GameBoy Advance sales going. If Nintendo told everyone they were abandoning ship sales would have flat lined. Nintendo wanted to see consumers continue to buy the GBA:Mirco and SP.

#2. A fail safe. If Nintendo DS had failed to generate market share Nintendo could pull the plug and release a GameBoy. I have no doubt that Nintendo probably had a prototype GameBoy already built incase said failure occured.

#. To re-assure third parties that they would continue selling GameBoy hardware and thus keep software coming out for it. Incase the DS failed and Nintendo had to fall back on the GBA until their next GameBoy was ready.

Fact is Nintendo was prepared for the failure of the DS, they were taking a risk but they did not want to leave themselves high and dry. The GameBoy line was a safety net. It is no longer needed now that the DS was so successful. The 3DS will also be successful preventing any future GameBoy from being brought to the market.


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