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Hey guys,


I'm thinking of playing my first Animal Crossing game.  Do u guys recommend I get the Wii or DS version & why?



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This depends on which platform you prefer to play games on.

Animal Crossing Wild World debut the online functionality of the DS. Its online was amazing at the time and with millions of gamers exchanging friend codes it was pretty fun to play around launch. However it is harder to find anyone with AC to play with anymore and while at launch most people were online daily today their is barely anyone. I did like the changes made since Animal Crossing (GCN) the gameplay was somewhat fresh and their were all kinds of new items to collect and characters to move into your town.

Animal Crossing City Folk on the other hand was pretty much Wild World with a city instead of the wandering sales men etc...etc... Their were a few new items and if I recall a new character or two. The biggest feature of City Folk was the inclusion of WiiSpeak. However with WiiSpeak now all but destroyed and like Wild World their aren't that many people trading codes and even less are online often I'd say online doesn't really matter.

In the end City Folk didn't really offer all that much new to the experiance of Wild World so both games are pretty much equals. If you want to game on the go I'd say Wild World, if you prefer home I'd say City Folk. I was more dissapointed with City Folk but that was because I went from AC(GCN) to AC:WW to AC:CF and the progression seemed to stop with City Folk offering very little to justify itself. Where as Wild World added online gameplay and plenty of new features City Folk added very little.


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I prefer Wide World because it's easy to just take my DS with me everywhere. I'll be honest, I lost interest in the Wii version a week into it whereas the Wide World kept me interested for a good 3 months at least.

Although I have never played the Wii version, I have played the DS version and it is very good. My wife and I played it for about a year almost every day. We wanted to experience all the events and special days. Being able to take it with us everywhere we went meant we did not miss anything and we could easily water the flowers etc. every day for 5-10 minutes. My wife belonged to a web site for Animal Crossing where there were forums and friend code exchanges. I am not sure how active it is now, but here it is :

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i prefer the wii version, but thats just me

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Wild World.  I like seeing the sky.  Plus portability.