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Lost in the buzz about 8 million Kinect shipped/sold was the unveiling of Avatar Kinect and the annoucement of Netflix and Hulu Plus with Kinect support all coming this spring.

Netflix and Hulu Plus were expected and I am very excited about this as long as they fill the holes in other aspects where Kinect is supporting the software. For instance Zune has spots where you no longer have Voice control like if you dont have a playlist setup in Zune Music.  Voice control is most important to me.

Avatar Kinect is very cool and it shows how through software Kinect capabilities can be upgraded.  With factial recognition now it shows that thinks like finger recognition are possible which can give finer granular control. As for Avatar Kinect itself I think that kids will love it and I also think it is going to be a YouTube sensation for people doing there own little shows/podcasts using thier Avatars.

Its libraries that sell systems not a single game.

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I want cloud storage for live or PSN, that will make both the services superior because if one does it then other follows.

OT: Not much thoughts on them, netflix isn't even available outside of US.

Netflix and Hulu Plus should be awesome.  Depending on how much recent content that Hulu Plus has, I might drop my cable plan.

Avatar Kinect technology is cool, don't think I will be using the application though.  They should definitely roll the tech out in their SDK so that devs can use it.  Imagine a game like Mass Effect that detects your facial expressions while having conversations.  Could add a good deal more immersion to games.  The upcoming online poker game could make good use of it as well.

Avatar Kinect looks awesome to me-- facial tracking and full finger tracking just seems amazing to me. My friends and I are going to have a hell of a time with it, heh heh.

As for Netflix and HUlu-- I don't own Netflix, and if it isn't Reguar Hulu then a I don't care. I'm not gonna pay for plus.

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.

good to see them integrating KINECT everywhere

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Yes, Netflix control. This is useful to me and I will be showing off my futuristic device to all my tech noob friends and family. Oohhs, ahhs, and more Kinect sales incoming.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

I could not believe they shipped kinect without netflix control. I am glad they are anouncing its coming as it was the main reason i got kinect. May have to get hulu plus now too. Good news all around

Excellent news!

I don't care about controlling with my hands, that's about as annoying as using my remote but I love the voice controls.  And if I can control Hulu on my 360, I might actually start using Hulu.

mantlepiecek said:

I want cloud storage for live or PSN, that will make both the services superior because if one does it then other follows.

OT: Not much thoughts on them, netflix isn't even available outside of US.

I completely understand cloud saving on the PC, it's pretty common to game on several PC's but how many people actually would take advantage of cloud saving on a console more than a few times a year?

I know I could because I have two working PS3's and 360's, but I assume I'm in a vast minority.

yeap can't wait... when is exactly the spring update usually??? can't rememeber.....

for not having netflix and not wanting to pay hulu... I honestly think it's a mistake, unless you buy the physical disc of everything... caus for less than 20 bucks a month you have access to all netflix online  plus a DVD at a time... and well hulu plus just give you access to hulu on all other compatible platform beside your computer... which is probably the worst solution unless you have a dedicated PC for home theatre.... I know I'm in that case and even though I still thinmk hulu plus on XB would be a better option...

bottom line for like 17 bucks you have plenty of media access to cancel your dish or cable connection if you have one.... in a year and a half I haven't watch actual TV on my TV..... went from more than 120 bucks a months to less than 60 XBL gold included, internet connection netflix 2 dvds member ship and hulu plus counted... so from a pure financial stand point if you are a movie or serie buff or consume a lot of cable shows.... it's an absolute no brainer unless you like spending extra money.... I don't even count that I don't buy DVDs at all now


now about cloud... it is the future anyway.... the question shouldn't be will they like it/ use it or not.... but should we shovel it down their throat... and the answer is yes....from a technical, financial, and ecological stand point there is no doubt about it.... and not only for storage capacity.... the real issue is more networking infrastructure...