Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Do you expect Xbox 360 or any gaming related news from MS CES keynote?


Steve Ballmer will do the annual keynote for the CES this year on January 6th I guess.

Last year MS announced the failure called Game Room. Sorry if you like it, but to me it was just a HUGE failure.
Anyway, they did not tell us about the VGA Gears of War 3 announcement and Major Nelson said on his podcast he will be at a press event next week in NYC for a game he can't talk about yet.

And there is this Gears of War - news for a February release.

So do you think there will be announcements from MS? If so, what can we expect?


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Well the Gears of War ultimate edition wasn't the VGA announcement according to staff at Im guessing that Gears of War ultimate is just Gears 1 2 because if it was a new game it would be hyped to death by now. It could still be a Gears of war announcement but not Gears of War ultimate

Im not getting my hopes up anymore, ms has dissapointed me long enough

MS doesn't usually do anything big at CES or anyother show except E3 for XBOX gaming atleast


althought we could see them bringing KINECT support for PC and also showcase higher end game working with KINECT and they could show gears as a demo of it for both PC and 360

I can see them opening up Kinect support for PC and giving developers legitimate tools to create some of the incredible things we've seen hackers do with it.

Gears of War Ultimate may be another little thing they have there, but they won't make a big deal of it.

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They might mention something about that online poker game that the 1 vs 100 team is making.  That could be a pretty big thing.

Kinect news would be more probably.

Well Major Nelson and Alan Greenburg were gearing up for CES, so obviously something big enough is happening to garner their attention and time.

The event is on the 6th to 9th of January for anyone who didn't know already.


Hoping for Gears of War Kinect. Really looking forward to seeing how they pull off the controls-- Epic hasn't been known to half-ass anything, so I'm expecting something that really works.

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