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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tight on Money: Should I buy Black Ops?

I'm a little tight on money now, so I was wondering whether or not I should purchase Black Ops. I just used half of what I have to preorder Uncharted 3. And, well, I'm kinda an Uncharted Fan if you couldn't tell by my profile pic....

So my question is should I purchase Black Ops? If there is some 50 percent deal out there that would be appreciated...Or should I purchase some other game thats pretty cheap now? 

Any suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated :) 

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Get Oblivion instead and wait for Skyrim

Depends, do you like Call of Duty? Do you like online shooters? I do, so this is an easy recommendation from me. The question is do you? You will get a lot of value out of it and it will keep you busy for quite sometime, or you will end up trading it in a week later.

I would suggest you stay far away from the PS3 version of Black me, it's a mess.  Here are some links for you to check out that will help you decide whether this game is right for you:


PS3 Call of Duty Black Ops Refund Petition with 7,000 signatures so far

CVG's latest article on Black Ops' connectivity issues

Digital Foundry's Xbox 360 vs Ps3 face off

And here's a link to Amazon's Black Ops product page (check the user reviews)

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