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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Fight: Lights Out Gets A Patch and Tip Videos

I might have to get this now. I enjoyed kung fu live a lot despite the glitchy camera recognition. Gladiator duel was fun too. Still stuck on the gold level matches.

Seems this game is not so bad after all.

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It's excellent. I really can't understand how so many reviewers have got it so wrong. It's an essential purchase for anyone with Move imo, although you'll need two Move controllers to get the full benefit from it and you'll end up sweating buckets and being sore for a couple of days after you've first played it. The training is the real killer and you need to do that to level up your fighter's stats.

The Fight Lights Out has just pipped Red Steel 2 as my personal Game of The Year, it isn't perfect but connecting with a combo and knocking someone out is very satisfying indeed...particularly if the knockout blow is a nice elbow to the face lol

Great, I might get this now...

Here's a link to another video, my second online fight, my first ranked fight and my first online win. I ended up battering the poor bloke lol, probably his first go or my fighter's stats were much better than his...very satisfying though lol