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Mass Effect 2.  Hands down. 


Starcraft II gets honorable mention.


I would say GOD OF WAR 3.

runner ups are:

*Red dead.
*castle vania
*Heavy rain

god of war 3!

Honorable mentions-

NBA 2k11

Mass Effect 2

Red Dead redemption beats out Mass Effect 2, barely.

The game is so fun to explore and the glitches were hilarious instead of annoying like most games. What can I say I love open world games no matter what type.

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bugrimmar said:

was white knight released this year? or are you talking about white knight 2?

WKC was released in the US in January, so yes it counts.

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Toss up between SMG2 and Kirby, with GT5 close behind.

I'm tempted to go with Kirby, because it has no votes yet, but in the end I think SMG2 is the slightly better game.  So I guess I'll go with that.

Machina said:
hatmoza said:
Machina said:

Mass Effect 2.


I thought you hated RPGs? Go get Ys Seven  NOAW!

That's JRPGs, and I don't hate them it's just not a genre I enjoy (for a lot of different reasons, most of which aren't an issue in WRPGs).

I'm in the complete oppossite situation. Love JRPGs, and dislike WRPGs with a passion. However Mass Effect seems to be the exception.

i've updated the list to rank the highest vote totals. thanks for the suggestion :)

I'm surprised that FF13 is getting so many votes. i thought it was mediocre.

mass effect 2