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Angry Birds is coming up on it's first anniversary. It has sold ten million paid copies on the App Store alone, and has enjoyed a grand total of 36 million free and paid downloads between iOS, Android, and the Ovi Store. The avenging avians have become famous enough to inspire the Israeli comedy sketch shown above (lets not debate the political allegory, please).

Not content with dominating mobile devices, the next step in the Angry Birds invasion is home consoles. Rovio intends to catapult the title to PS3, 360, and Wii sometime in 2011.

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*Image indefinitely borrowed from BrainBoxLtd without his consent.

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Awesome game!! 


Say what?! Say what?!?! F**k off!

Beatifull ;)

And good allegory too.


Fab_GS said:

Say what?! Say what?!?! F**k off!

i know. I laughed my ass off when they said this.

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This is so much fun. But I like it for it's touchscreen play, I don't know if it will translate well for me on consoles.