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In anticipation of GT5 arriving, I am building myself a playlist.

Something classical e.g Mozart 7 17.07%
My favourite song ever 6 14.63%
Something hip hoppy 5 12.20%
Something rocky? 15 36.59%
Something poppy? 2 4.88%
Insert suggestion here. 6 14.63%
Ajescent said:
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Ajescent said:
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1. Listen to Queen's Greatest Hits albums, I II


2. Is that, a song that's in 4/4 times, 100% chord-based, with no instrumental section, no tension build-up, no section that sounds different fron another, lyrics that mean absoulutley nothing and... that's basically every common rock song from the past two decades with different lyrics and nothing else, your favorite song ever? You aren't really into music are you?

Hey, hey, hey there Captain Crunch taste is subjective and in my opinion it's my favourite, never said it was the greatest song ever, just that it was my favourite. It's the simplicity that makes me like it, I like it because it's simple and easy to listen to, very feel good and uplifting....NOW BACK ON TOPIC!!!121212

First, really, check Queen's Albums, they're very commercial but got a lot of spice into them, and I think that anyone who listens to any kinda of music can like Queen :P

Second, I never criticized your taste, I said:
1. That I don't know how you can say that this is your favorite song, because I just don't know how you can find it different from so many songs out there, my favorite songs are either very unique, very special musically, or have lyrics that mean a lot to me.
2. That you don't really like music, did you ever want to try a variety of different genres? did you try learning an instrument? Probably no to both of them and that just means that you're similar to many other pepole, and I don't see anything wrong with that :)

in my group of friends, I am considered the black sheep because I listen to such a wide spread of  artists and bands. Kings of Leon are my favourite band ever much to the dismay of the rest of the world. But with that said I also love 65daysofstatic, Chemical Brothers, Muse, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West and Rodigo y Gabriela.

When not loving them, I'm loving me some classical music like Mozart, Beethoven and Thchovsky (sp) and some "embarassing pop" alla La Roux, Cheryl Cole and the likes, . Just because I like those guys doesn't mean I don't look back to the "classics" Rolling Stones, beatles, Clash ye olde Jazz, Motown- basically my Itunes is always having an identity crisis never sticking to the same genre of music too often.

I like all those but i still prefer California Waiting over all of them because I just really like it.


So... that's just a really, really wierd "favorite song" compared to apparently the kind of music you like :P

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