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Forums - General Discussion - Leaving University to become a Chef. What does VGChartz think?

I'm currently 2 years into my Marketing & Sales course. I'm extremely bored and depressed. 

I originally wanted to do a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Ancient History, but I was talked out of it in high school, mainly by my Literature teacher, family and a student counsellor. They argued that I'd struggle to find a job after I finished the course, that Australia isn't exactly the greatest place to find a job involving history. I got scared and backed out, instead I decided to keep it safe with a business course, which turned out to be the wrong choice.

So I've pretty much decided to walk out and do a TAFE course to become a chef, I'm also planning to do a TESLO course (teaching English to non English speakers) and see if I can get a job teaching English at some business in China, Japan, Vietnam or something. When I'm not interested in something, I basically suck at it or I try to avoid as much as possible, so I think the best thing for me to do is find something I'm actually interested in and do it, instead of worrying about the consequences later on. 

What do you all think?

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Teaching english in other countries is a great way to pick up asian girls... you have my blessing..


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Lol I knew from the topic that you be an Aussie.

Also some of the asian countries have local cricket leagues in schools i.e HK, you could get double tons everytime you bat lol.

Good luck in your CHEF ambitions. 



Good luck. Not a bad call because this world needs less marketers, that's for sure. I'm saying this from the perspective of a former marketer. The job swallows your soul.

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If you follow what you want to do you can't possibly fail. If you're doing what you love you'll put more into it and feel more satisfied with what you get out of it regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I was in a similar situation back when I started uni 5 years ago. I have extreme talents in analytical thinking, science and mathematics and something related to pure math and engineering was highly promising for me. Trouble was that I didn't like the stuff much. I was just really good at it and felt that I should put effort into it solely based on being given this gift. Throughout uni much of that has changed as I got tired of the mundane, routine and unengaging work I've been doing related to engineering. My passion always will be games and the arts (mostly drama). I have great respect for those who follow their dreams despite the uncertainty of their future success. All the best to you bud!

P.S. I also think I'm hungry so get started! =)

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Chef is a decent career path, but it is a career path with vastly different outcomes for everyone ...

Bake me a cake, bitch!

haha sorry that's a line from Kenny vs Spenny.

Chef's are cool, you should definitely do it.

I think you made the right decision. I was in a similar situation 2 years ago so I know exactly how you felt. And like you, I decided to make a change. I'm still not following my dream (quite frankly I don't know for sure what my dream is), but what I'm doing now is more interesting and exciting (even though there's more stress involved, and I'm not outgoing enough).

It's too bad taht you let people talk you out of doing what you wanted, but it's certainly not too late, and being a chef sounds very cool (I shoul learn to cook sometime in the future). Good luck!

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Hey people always need to eat and learn English.