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i think if they do it right it could make a could make a good combat racer, but id never choose an uncharted racer over an uncharted adventer game

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Notorius.A.i.G said:

I see a Uncharted 3 coming out next year. Although " UnKarted " seems unlikely.

thats almost certain, the voice actors are being used

and i bet the game is in the Middle East or North Africa since we have done the Pacific and Nepal the last big acient zone is that region and it will be an awesome game that has a plot like the Mummy which was an awesome film. 

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Where the hell have you been the past 3 years? We get this thread every 2 weeks...

Yay, UnKarted would be an awesome game!... NOT.

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szerbijn said:

Yay, UnKarted would be an awesome game!... NOT.

Don't knock it till you've tried it.

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I do NOT want an UnKarted game. It would be way too weird.

Just release an Uncharted game for PSP(2).

And release a Jak and Daxter PS3 game while you're at it.

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oh about the psp uncharted

um Daxter?was on psp wasn't it?

Joel12345 said:

oh about the psp uncharted

um Daxter?was on psp wasn't it?

what about Daxter?

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Maybe the fourth game will be a Move-only spinoff, seeing as Naughty Dog recently announced their next game won't have Move support?