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this thread is sol old its dusty

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O-D-C said:

this thread is sol old its dusty

I guess there wasnt many users on VGChartz back in 2006 lol.

I am JoelCool7 AKA (TheCanadianGamer)

I first heard about VGChartz on the N-Sider forums where posters would reference VGChartz sales data. As an avid Nintendo Loyalist I was overwhelmed when Nintendo decided to Axe the N-Sider forums. I began looking for a new forum to call home and in the process ran into tons of Nintendo haters. Eventually I decided to start posting on VGChartz.

Unfortunetly since my N-Sider days I am not as good at writing AAA threads. I'm not as active on the boards as I should be. Today you'll find me most often on the Nintendo and Microsoft boards as I love my 360 and Wii to death.


"In God We Trust - In Games We Play " - Joel Reimer


Seems like someone gave a Max Revive to this thread... Anyway;

The name's TripleMMM and I used to be an avid poster back in the days. I was looking for another gaming forum to join after suddenly abandoning SOAH City (I felt unworthy to be a Sonic-fan, but a still a cool forum).

I was lurking from forum to forum, join in a few but quickly left from some. A schoolmate of mine told me about his friends making their own gaming forum(wich is the name is similar to vgchartz) and asked me to join and I did, some time being there I accidently stumbled upon this forum. As time went on I joined both sites and stayed here until the other one past away!

 And proud member of the Mega Mario Movement!

*sigh* Necro locked