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superchunk said:

Funny how people in the public eye are built up, then destroyed, then looked upon fondly in their deaths. Oh well, I'll still remember him in a positive light and for all the entertainment he brought to people. Not to mention all the chairty he did in his lifetime.

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numonex said:

Michael Jackson was a child molesting pedophile,  singer and dancer. Just because he was super rich and famous does not make up for him being a child molesting pedophile. "World's most famous dead pedophile" He was a good singer and a good dancer. He was nothing more than a celebrity wash out who had lost his talent and was just a bankrupt celebrity pedophile who died from a drug over dose. 

Good riddance Jackson the sick twisted, perverted pedophile. Conrad Murray did the world a favour taking out a child sex predator. The truth about Michael Jackson must be revealed. Jackson bought his way out of prison two times: $20 million silence payment in 1994 and $10 million to beat a court trial in 2005. 

Would he have made a successful career come back?  He took the coward's way out by over dosing on a lethal cocktail of drugs. Stories about Michael Jackson the vampire, bogey man will remain urban legend. 

i will say MJ was messed up in the head but the whole child molestation was BS.

the kids dad made them lie cuz he thought he could get a fat check from him, most of the shit was made up.  so dont be quick to point fingers.