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Ohhhhhh... Its a joke thread... about Tony Abbot.

I personally would have made an Abbot and Costello reference to really drive the joke home. 

(Appoligies to everyone who doesnt get that)

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I'm gonna chalk this up to a joke thread....


A very sad joke thread.

puffy said:

Bullshit he will. Tony Abbott has got to be the worst person possible to be the leader of a nation.

Also Australia isn't being overrun by illegal immigrants, it's a ridiculously small number compared to other countries, just people like having something to complain about. The real issues are these:

Economy: Tony Abbott has no idea when it comes to these matters, Labor on the other hand made sure Australia avoided recession, how many countries in the world can say they avoided a recession? I don't understand why the government debt is a plus for Abbott either, Labor has promised to abolish the debt by 2013 at the latest and if you haven't noticed, Australia's debt is nothing compared to many other countries.

Health: Labor has pledged a lot of money towards GP super clinics and Abbott wants to take that away. Why?

Education: I think this one is self explanatory, Gillard was the education minister and there's so much going into education from the government it's not even funny.

Internet: Abbott want to scrap the Governments National Broadband Network because they think some better wireless tech will come along later. Seriously, tell me, when will wireless get to the speed of fiber optic cable and why should we wait?


Also Abbott isn't a hard line action man, he's a misogynist who believes woman are below men, he's said it many times, here are some quotes from the idiot:

I'm not a big Abbott fan either, but I want to comment on some of the issues you've brought up.  

Economy: You won't have to look back too far to see that 'generally' the liberal party runs the government at surplus and keeps interest rates down.  They did so for 3 terms in the Howard/Costello government, which gave the current government the power to issue massive stimulus bonuses to the country and avoid the recession like you said.  Like a lot of people Tony Abbott didn't oppose the stimulus entirely, just the volume that was spent to curtail the recession.  Also as 60% of Australia's exports are natural resources (mining) I think that a prosperous and healthy mining industry is also crucial to returning to surplus.    

Health: Yes, the ALP has pledged alot on 'super clinics' - there were supposed to be 35 up and running from the last election promise, currently there are only 3.

Education: Yeah this one is self-explanatory.  See Julia Gillard's bungled 16.2billion BER program.  There isn't much value for money there.  I don't think Julia Gillard is much to tout for understanding economic matters.

Internet: Has anyone got any transparency of when exactly the NBN will be implemented? It was an election campaign promise 3 years ago and I expect to see it again at the next election.  Everyone wants it, but it will be the most expensive infrastructure investment in Australia's history.  Unfortunately this isn't the ALP's only policy on the Internet.  They also plan to spend many more millions on Stephen Conroy's mandatory ISP-level internet filter, and will have the power to spy on people's history of visited web pages.  


numonex said:


Vote for Tony Abbott because he will stop the boats,end wasteful government spending, keep interest rates low and pay back Labor's debt. Most importantly he will stop the boats. He will drop immigrant rates down to 170,000 per year. The $30 billion in his election pledges he can break them all and it would not matter at all.

Tony Abbott will stop the boats.




Are you taking the mick?

Man I you getting paid to post this shit?

I do agree with you labor is wasting money, but Abbott has no clue either. His internet plan is a joke. It will give Telstra control of the country again and it will be shit.

His strategy is to put up mobile towers for more internet connections. Yes we really need unreliable wireless internet. 

He doesn't even understand how the NBN is capable of supporting 1 gigabit per second, he was shocked and asked how is that even suddenly possible. FIBRE YOU MORON. The bottle neck is the hardware at the ends. There have been tests that have shown fibre wokring in the terabit range.



Economy: Tony Abbott has no idea when it comes to these matters, Labor on the other hand made sure Australia avoided recession, how many countries in the world can say they avoided a recession? I don't understand why the government debt is a plus for Abbott either, Labor has promised to abolish the debt by 2013 at the latest and if you haven't noticed, Australia's debt is nothing compared to many other countries.

that is crap, the recession would not of hit us that hard. The reason they were able to spend that money was because of the liberal government who put it into surplus. Which took 10years after bob hawke and paul keeting ruined Australia into debt.

Rudd wanted to tax miners to recover that, because most the profits go overseas. If our government was smart enough they would of never allowed more that 40% share in these companies to be owned by foreign investors.

 Where do you think most the $20bn stimulus went? Overseas to other countries who export electronics to us as a majority of people bought electronics from shops. So he is about as stupid as they get. 



the issue here is not about labor wasting money, it is about if we can afford them wasting more money. I think we can, because we need better infrastructure to grow the economy of this country.

I do not think our economy will be in surplus by 2013 either lol.





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Abbotts going to lose, because he is losing as preffered PM.

Whether you like it or not WE DO ELECT THE LEADER, and despite what the idiots in Western Sydney think, they will choose the person they think is the best leader.

Also, Economic management is the one issue that LIberals have usually, but this time he's getting raped over it and theres no way in hell the mortgage belt would trust him, especially after what Costello said.

“When we make some new announcement and if there is no positive initial reaction from the market, I try to think of it as a good sign because that can be interpreted as people reacting to something groundbreaking. ...if the employees were always minding themselves to do whatever the market is requiring at any moment, and if they were always focusing on something we can sell right now for the short term, it would be very limiting. We are trying to think outside the box.” - Satoru Iwata - This is why corporate multinationals will never truly understand, or risk doing, what Nintendo does.

I don't like either... So I'll go for the lesser evil.  GO Ranga!!!  They both suck imo!!!

  Unleash The Beast!  

End of 2011 Sales: Wii = 90mil, 360 = 61mil, PS3= 60mil

He's the leader of the Liberal party not the Tories, which aren't a party here.

Plus he's fallen behind in the polls this week (which is election week) and Australia will be out of debt very soon.

Tony Abbott is a straight talker. Check out his argument over NBN in this article. He admits fibre optic he is better than wireless offered by the aging copper network. He has a point that the fibre optic will cost too much money and Australian tax payers simply can not afford to fund $43 billion for the luxury of fast speed broadband. It would take longer to achieve a Budget Surplus if the NBN project continues. Abbott will save money on NBN and interest payments by selling it off..

A government's economic management is measured on whether or not it can obtain a Budget Surplus. An Abbott government under the steady hand of Treasurer, Joe Hockey will achieve a Budget Surplus by 2012/13. Can Australia trust Labor in regards to obtaining a Budget Surplus? Labor has not delivered a Budget Surplus since 1989. 

Risking Australia's economy and future by keeping Labor in government. Julia Gillard may be another Paul Keating with high interest rates and high unemployment rates. Lemons are  common within the Labor Party.

Stand up Australia for real action, vote Liberal. Tony Abbott and his team deserves a shot at running Australia's economy. Treasurer Joe Hockey will deliver a Budget Surplus in 2012/13. Tony promises to stop the boats invading Australia by re-opening Nauru to process asylum seekers.

More Labor. More Waste. More Debt. More Taxes.

Australia does not need NBN. Australia can not afford the $43 billion cost of NBN for faster internet connections. NBN will just ened up like another Telstra monopoly. A white elephant according to Andrew Robb and his supporters including Tony Abbott and his team. Government's should never be relied upon to deliver projects without big budget cost blow outs. The Australian Navy's Collins Class submarines, built during the 1980's cost Australia billions and are just another white elephant.

NBN will cost 22 million tax payers $2,000 per head to fund. $43 billion does not include interest and possible cost blow outs associated with the NBN project. If Labor could not be trusted to manage Pink Vats and Building Education Revolution. How can Labor be trusted to successfully deliver and manage a $43 billion NBN project?

Upgrading the links between US and Australia for a cost of $2 billion would be a far more cost effective way of increasing the speed of internet connections. Existing telcos such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will upgrade services to deliver faster speed internet over time.

It would cost tax payers a lot less under the Coalition's $6.7 billion broadband plan opposed to Labor's expensive $43 billion NBN plan for faster broadband. The  $43 billion for NBN could blow out to $80 billion when interest, budget blow outs and rip offs by government contractors.