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After the grand November predictions, why don't we start for the December month? A note: NPD tracks 5 weeks in December, from Nov 28th or 29th, to December 29th or so...Give or take. So lots of goodies. X360 PS3 Wii DS PSP PS2 GBA GCN Xbox Edit: Software Predictions! Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN) Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii) Metal Gear Portible Ops (PSP) Castlevania PoR (DS?) Gears of War (360) Call of Duty 3 (360) Guitar Hero 2 (PS2) FFXII (PS2)

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

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Major releases: LoZ:Twilight Princess (GC version) MGS: Portable Ops Castlevania: PoR About the hardware predictions: X360: 900k PS3: 450k Wii: 800k DS:1800k PSP: 650k PS2: 950k GBA: 920k GCN: 150k Xbox: 50k

X360: 1 million PS3: 700k Wii: 1.1 million (if they had the supply available, but I'm sticking with this) DS: (Had a ton of sales last month, probably due to temp price drop on Blackfriday to 100 dollars) I'm gonna go 1.6 million. PSP: With MGS: PO out that should drive some sales. I'm gonna say 1.1 million. (You know if they would drop the price on this thing to 150 it would outsell DS here in the US...but they won't for some reason) PS2: 1.6 million GBA: 1 million GCN: 150k Xbox: 20k ___________________ We should judge this by % off, not number of units. That causes too big of disparity and the circumstance of sales are different for each one. Edit: January 10, 2007 Zelda Twilight (GCN) - 500k Zelda Twilight (Wii) - 900k Metal Gear: PO (PSP) - 400k Castlevana: PoR (DS) - 250k GoW (360) - 1.3 million Call of Duty (360) - 350k Guitar Hero 2 (PS2) - 500k FFXII (PS2) - 850k __________________ I'm adding my own pick... Resistance Fall of Man (PS3) - 450k

X360: 1090k PS3: 520k Wii: 780k DS:2090k PSP: 990k PS2: 1160k GBA: 1050k GCN: 150k Xbox: 9 GOW: 625k Zelda (Wii): 540k Zelda (GC): 575k

Hardware: Xbox 360: 1.3 Million PlayStation 3: 490,000 Wii: 1.1 Million DS: 1.7 Million PSP: 800,000 PlayStation 2: 850,000 GameCube: 150,000 Xbox: 65,000 GBA: 600,000 HW Totals: 7.255 Million Software: Gears of War: 700,000 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii): 710,000 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GC): 540,000 Nintendogs: 600,000 Guitar Hero 2: 340,000 Final Fantasy XII: 580,000 Castlevania: PoR: 350,000 MGS: Portable Ops: 300,000 Call of Duty 3: 250,000

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X360 - 1.2m units PS3 - 650k units Wii - 850k units DS - 1.7m units PSP - 750k units PS2 - 1.3m units GBA - 1.15m units GCN - 90k units Xbox - 7k units Edit: Software Predictions! Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN) - 650k Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii) - 400k Metal Gear Portible Ops (PSP) - 275k Castlevania PoR (DS?) - 300k Gears of War (360) - 800k Call of Duty 3 (360) - 350k Guitar Hero 2 (PS2) - 300k FFXII (PS2) - 500k

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

Hmm these as all of them are will be some rough predictions but here we go X360- 1 million Wii- 1.2 million PS3- 400k DS- 1.8 million PSP- 700k PS2- 1.2 million GBA- 1.1 million GC- 250k Xbox- 75k Zelda: TP(GC)- 500k Zelda: TP(Wii)- 750k Metal Gear Portable Ops(PSP)- 300k Castlevania: PoR(DS)- 400k Gears of War- 500k COD3(360)- 300k Guitar Hero II- 400k FFXII- 600k NIntendogs- 600k Yea these are all quite rough estimates but I expect the DS to be up around 2 million if not saling 2 million. But hoping that shortages don't cost it too much. Wii should also be at least over a million and same with 360 but might be a little lower. PS3 should ramp up a bit at this time of year. And GBA should continue to outsell the PSP. I have a feeling sales on Gears of War will drop seeing as the console really wasn't much of a system saler last month. But I could be wrong.

X360 1.2m PS3 510k Wii 1.2m DS 1.8m PSP 880k PS2 1.4 GBA 1.2 GCN 250k Xbox 80k Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN) 550k Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii) 650k Metal Gear Portible Ops (PSP) 200k Castlevania PoR (DS?) 190k Gears of War (360) 550k Call of Duty 3 (360) 455k Guitar Hero 2 (PS2) 700k FFXII (PS2) 560k

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